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weekend / papery and cakery

I promise Cakery Fridays will return shortly {perhaps in time for Baby Miles to be our taste tester}. In the meantime thought I would share some of my weekend notes with you.

+ All of this Easter talk has made me want to whip up a batch of deviled eggs. Or decorate a few like this or this?

+ On second thought, I might just have to indulge in Ali’s matzo toffee, very similar recipe to the one above.

+ I picked up a small container of daffodils of and hyacinths at the market this week and they are currently sitting pretty in my bathtub window. Cross your fingers for them, I’m becoming quite the botanist.

+ I am fixated on purchasing a jumpsuit for the summer. Or a romper. Or both.

+ I’ve had my eye on this light fixture for awhile and need to find a home for him.

+ R + M are taking swim lessons which has been an “experience” to say the least. The softening blow is watching my little people swim around in this bathing suit and this one.

+ NBA playoffs start this weekend. My beloved Heat will be dominating most of my thoughts / conversations for the next few months. And causing me to search for a million cool ways to wear white. Like this.

Wishing you a weekend of matzo toffee, deviled eggs and lots of basketball.




Happy November

pumpkin pie with meringue topping / papery & cakery

Between an incredible weekend in Austin {details to follow}, the kick off the NBA season, and a Halloween week filled with too many trips to the candy bowl, it has been a whirlwind of a week. So I just wanted to say Happy November.

Where did November come from? Out of nowhere…. And now we can embark on embracing the flavors, scents and fashions of fall, unabashedly. Thanksgiving! And Chanukah! Ahhh….

So happy November. And be sure that you make this pumpkin pie stat.



My Hunger Games

healthy food / papery & cakery

I’m feeling extra jumpy these days because I”m on a little cleanse. Isagenix. Have you tried it? I’m actually feeling refreshed and energized, but at night I’m avoiding the kitchen altogether {and all things Pinterest for that matter}.

This cleanse has helped me realize I need to make healthier choices and avoid some of my thoughtless snacking that I seem to indulge in. Buh bye delicious desserts. Hello, vegetable potstickers.

Are you eating something delicious and healthy lately? Please share!



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