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Summer Obsessions II


More sand. More sun {sometimes} and more summer obsessions….

Like comfy cottons. Or specifically this shirt {now on final sale} that I have in every color. It drapes perfectly and it is the softest thing ever. Thank you J.Crew. You saved my summer.

Oh, and did I mention how I ogle over Grey Malin’s photos. I scored this one on One Kings Lane a few weeks ago to hang in Raya’s new room. Maybe a little sophisticated for a three year old, but I know it will make me happy each day I’m there.

I scored a gorgeous gardenia bush {soon to be a burgeoning tree} for Mother’s Day {thanks to my one and only} and I’m loving keeping the freshly cut blooms in bowls of water. The house smells insanely amazing and they make me smile.

I can’t seem to stop myself from buying the kids swimsuits all of the time. This little blue number might be my favorite ever {does it come in my size?} but these mini man trunks are also quite delicious.

What are you obsessing over this summer?




Summer Obsessions

summer obsessions 14 / papery & cakery

Well, hello again friends! Sorry for my in and outs these days. I’m trying to enjoy my summer to the max. Thus far I have a season of Orange is the New Black & House of Cards under my belt. I’m attempting to tackle the next great American novel {what do you mean it isn’t White Girl Problems} and I’m solving world peace.

Oh right, not quite. {No joke about the Netflix series of course. I never joke about Netflix}.

My summer has been mellow, albeit hot and thunderstorm-filled. We are laying low for the most part and I’m trying to soak it up.

I thought I’d share a few of my latest obsessions with you. I’ll try not to be a stranger more often than not

1. Gentle Souls. Thanks to this post I popped over to Zappos and invested in a pair. No lie, I might have to have these physically removed from my feet. They are orthopedics but they are also chic. Ali walked for miles {no pun intended} in NYC this weekend without a peep. Trust me, good investment.

2. Ladies of London. I tend to fawn over the latest and greatest at Bravo, so it was no surprise  for my love affair with Ladies of London. Cole only raised his eyebrows at me a few times this weekend when I demanded we purchase shortbread cookies and drink tea with milk. What can I say? I’m invested. Now in search of all things Union Jack.

3. Coconut Oil. My sisters have been praising its benefits for quite some time now, but it took me awhile to go to the dark side. Now I keep a big jar right in my shower. Before I event dry off I douse myself in it from head to toe. It might be the best lotion I’ve ever had.

Hope your summer is so far filled with reality tv and fabulousness!





Last night Raya and I snuggled in bed together and watched an episode of Barefoot Contessa. It wasn’t anything out of the ordinary for a Friday night, but watching Ina make these chocolate peanut butter globs had us both glued to the tv. And it was so special and sacred to share it with her. I was in heaven. Need to make them with Raya soon {she loves baking}. Or these.

+ Speaking of Ina. I already pre-ordered her new cookbook, Make It Ahead. I swear by her recipes and she has never ever let me down.

+ Have you seen the Sophia Webster shoe line for J.Crew? A lot of is already sold out but I’m keeping my eye out for these. And these.

+ The floor is being laid in R + M’s rooms this week. Yup, they are going to separate. I’m hooked on the idea of a play bakery or grocery store in one of their rooms. These are incredibly fun to look at. DIY dreaming.

+ I am such a big fan of Brandy Pham’s jewelry and think this ring is uh-mazing!

+ Pretty much adore this article about the art of thank you notes. And wholeheartedly believe that nothing can replace a handwritten note. Like this.

+ We had the best time cake painting and making this beauty. Time for you to order your painted cake from Cakery!

+ All I want for Mother’s Day is a gardenia bush in our backyard. It’s true. So I can have this.

Happy graduation to my brilliant sister Gavi. Know big things are ahead.

Have a fab weekend!



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