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Springy Things

springy things / papery & cakery

After a dreary winter season of fashion, it’s so refreshing to see so much light and happy colors for Spring. Just going onto pinterest makes me oh-so-happy these days. There are great pops of color popping up everywhere! I’m kind of sort of obsessed with the idea of mixing pastels with bold neons and bright fuchsias. Here are a few of my favorite springy things.

{1. Room / 2. Pom Pom Bikini / 3. Mint Bag / 4. Paper Plate / 5. Wallpaper}




Photo Love in the Grove

coconut grove art favorites / papery & cakery

To celebrate my birthday this weekend, Cole and I snuck away to Miami for a night. {Thanks to my parents for being fabulous and willing sitters, we are able to get away quite a lot}.

After a ridiculously delicious dinner, festive cocktails and perfect weather {70 and sunny, sorry to everyone else in the U.S.}, we ended up at the Coconut Grove Art Festival. It’s one of the best art festivals, so I thought I’d share my three favorite finds.

Cole and I always remark about how subjective art is. I’m  drawn to photography. It’s vibrant and alive and truly makes me happy. I’m a firm believer that you should surround yourself with things that uplift you and make you smile, not just pieces that you think are trendy or “match” a particular space.

{one: Mark MacKinnon. I’m in love with this abstract photo that seems to be condensation on a window. / two: Amanda Murphy. These cheeky photographs feature kids toys in hilarious situations. This one is entitled “The Great Jewelry Heist”. Enough said. / three: Greg Knott. Another witty photographer working with euphemisms in a stunning way}.



Target Top Five

target top five / papery & cakery

It’s been a whirlwind of a month. New sister, new baby and a brand new age {after yesterday}. While I’m not always comfortable with the aging process and admitting that my adolescent years are far behind, I must admit that life seems to be getting sweater as I get deeper into the 30′s. It’s really wonderful.

Ooh, and speaking of wonderful, how wonderful are these five things I spotted at Target this week. Because everyone in their 30′s should spend countless hours of their life perusing Target pretending to be shopping for detergent while aimlessly wandering through the home goods. Right?

{one: Nate Berkus inlaid beaded box / two: threshold bar cart / three: eco sphere / four: Nate Berkus frame / five: woven bench}.



p.s. The bench is currently residing in my master bath and is most definitely my favorite purchase of the year. It’s sturdy and the perfect place to rest while bathing two crazy toddlers!

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