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Hi All, I’m sorry for the absurdly long hiatus. I hope somehow deep down in your hearts you can forgive me for leaving the blog-o-sphere for the last few months. I won’t make too many excuses for myself, but I will tell you that things got pretty hectic around here. Papery & Cakery was slammed with exciting new orders…. and fabulous brides…. and BOOM – I had a new baby.

judah / papery & cakery

Yup, it’s true. Judah Reed arrived in January {on his due date – might be the first prompt person in our family EVER}. He and his big sis and bro have been keeping my hands {and feet} mighty busy these days. So busy that I haven’t had a free moment to sit down and write a spectacular, interesting and extremely witty blog post. Well that just needs to end now. So I’m back. And I’ve missed you. And I’m ready for 2015 {albeit 3 1/2 months in} with new content and exciting projects.



{stationery / photography by shelley armenio}

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