A Glittery Super Bowl

Super Bowl Glitter / papery & cakery

I was pretty excited to be asked to participate in the 12 months of Martha program this year. Obviously a big box filled with Martha Stewart products is my idea of heaven.

This month’s box featured my favorite thing ever: glitter. Yup. You know I love glitter.

Although most of the products revolved around Valentine’s Day, I thought I would slip in a little Super Bowl project. Because who doesn’t watch the Super Bowl? And love the Super Bowl? And eat massive quantities of guacamole during the Super Bowl? Just me?

I decided that these adorable mini helmets really just begged to be covered in glitter.  You can use them in so many ways but I especially love them on top of cupcakes and attached to little bendy straws {which you can use to drink Guiness floats while eating guacamole and Ina’s mac and cheese while rating the commercials}.

Super Bowl Glitter / papery & cakery

This project is super {bowl} duper simple.

Super Bowl Glitter / papery & cakery

What you need:

+ Martha Stewart Glitter

Martha Stewart Crafts Glitter Tray and Rack {not sure how I lived without this product before}

+ Martha Stewart Crafts Glitter Glue

+ Martha Stewart Crafts Decoupage Glue

+ mini football helmets {team doesn’t matter because you are going to coat it in glitter. Sorry Dolphins but I’m a Ravens girl}

+ Flexible Straws or cupcakes {like these}

To make it happen:

Simply coat the little helmets {I coated everything but the face mask} with a thin layer of the glitter glue.

Super Bowl Glitter / papery & cakery

Sprinkle with glitter color of your choice/favorite team.

Super Bowl Glitter / papery & cakery

Shake gently and let the helmet dry on your tray. The tray is amazing because it saves the leftover glitter and has this tiny hole in the bottom so you can keep using it. So resourceful!

After it dries {be patient} shake the excess glitter off more forcefully. Then you can make necessary touchups and repeat the above. Once the main part is dry, coat the face mask and use a contrasting/team color to glitter the mask. Again let dry completely.

Super Bowl Glitter / papery & cakery

Coat with a very thin layer of decoupage glue and let dry overnight to seal in the glitter.

Super Bowl Glitter / papery & cakery

Then add to a straw.

Super Bowl Glitter / papery & cakery

Or place gently atop your cupcakes.

Super Bowl Glitter / papery & cakery

Super Bowl Glitter / papery & cakery

Who says the Super Bowl can’t include glitter?

Super Bowl Glitter / papery & cakery





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2 Comments on A Glittery Super Bowl

  1. Deena
    March 28, 2014 at 9:36 pm (5 years ago)

    Where can I find burgandy or maroon glitter?

  2. Jenny Martin
    January 23, 2014 at 7:48 pm (5 years ago)

    Totally love this! And I’m getting that glitter tray right now.

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