A Very Un-Scary Halloween

Oh Halloween. You’re back in my life again. My, how I have missed you.

Who doesn’t love Halloween? I prefer to think of it as the “gateway” holiday. A nice, easy way to enter the tunnel towards the biggies like Thanksgiving, Chanukah/X-mas and New Years Ever.

I love costumes. I adore candy. But I don’t really dig the scary stuff. Horror movies have never been my style {I’ve never even seen one, the commercials are enough to give me nightmares}. So you won’t find scary skulls, mummies and headstones in front of our house this year. Oh no. This year I’ll have the most “un-scary” Halloween house on the block. But it will still be awesome. Very very awesome.

Let’s start today with pumpkins three ways.

1. Ombre Pumpkins

These little guys are a cinch to make and the perfect project to do with the kids.

Step one: Paint your pumpkin white {or buy a white pumpkin}. I spray painted plastic craft pumpkins from Michaels. {Here in Florida with the heat, real pumpkins don’t last long without rotting}. If you do buy a white pumpkin {faux or real}, you might want to paint the stem white.

Step two: After your pumpkin base coat is very dry, cover with acrylic paint in ombre. I used pink/orange/yellow on one and shades of blue on the other. Paint the bottom color your darkest shade and paint it first. Then paint the middle color/s in the middle, and the lightest color on top last. After painting each color use your brush to smear between layers or mix those colors together and paint on in between. I’ve also seen a tutorial like this.


2. Puffy Paint Pumpkins


I spotted this and had to try my own version. Again, a great kiddo project!

Step one: Paint the base of the pumpkin as you’d like. I used turquoise acrylic paint.

Step two: Cover with puffy paint in your colors/design of choice. I wanted bold neon colors in fun and quirky patterns.


3. Glitter Pumpkins

Obviously I couldn’t make it through a DIY post without adding a touch of glitter.

Step one: Use glue {I actually used puffy paint as my glue in this case because Elmers was running down the sides} or ddouble sided tape {or both} to come up with a pattern. I stuck with chevron.

Step two: After each adhesive is applied, sprinkle glitter on top. Let the glue/paint dry and dust excess glitter off. You can dust the excess off of the double sided tape immediately.

Happy Un-Scary Halloween!



images via Stephanie Soraya Photography {954}-579-7761


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5 Comments on A Very Un-Scary Halloween

  1. Lory
    October 9, 2013 at 7:01 am (6 years ago)

    PS: Your pumpkins are among the best pumpinks I ever seen!

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