Sprinkled With Love

You know I love glitter. It’s been stated time and time again on this blog. That’s why I was super duper overwhelmingly flattered to find out that Apartment Therapy {one of my favorite reads} reposted my DIY Glittered Animal Canvases and said:

“Niki at Papery & Cakery is one of those awesome crafty types for whom “glitter” is a noun, verb and adjective.”

My heart pretty much melted into glitter right then and there.

So I was inspired to make my glitter projects bigger and better. And that’s when I spotted these sprinkles in my sisters Cakery pantry. Keep reading below.

I have a teeny tiny obsession with this Cakery Friday recipe. And with coating anything {and everything} in sprinkles. So why couldn’t I use them in place of glitter? Oh, I can, trust me.

For the XOXO canvas:

  • Paint the main part of a small canvas with a thick layer of craft glue
  • Coat with rainbow sprinkles. Don’t touch the sprinkes or shake off excess sprinkles for a few hours
  • You want to wait until the glue is completely dry  to shake or else you risk the rainbow sugar coating from the sprinkles smearing into the glue {and staining your hands/clothes}
  • Do the same with each side of the canvas
  • Place foam adhesive letters on top of the sprinkles to spell out your message {leave the sticky letter as well as the paper on top}
  • Spray with 5 to 6 coats of acrylic coating/shellac, drying for a few minutes between each coat
  • Make sure you coat the sides with the spray as well

For the “Love You” canvas:

  • Please the foam adhesive letters on the canvas and peel off the top paper layer leaving the sticky part exposed
  • Shake sprinkles generously on top and shake off immediately {no worry of smearing here}
  • Spray with 5 to 5 coatings of acrylic coating/shellac, drying a few minutes between each coat


{**There are no guarantees that this canvas is completely “safe” in the long run. Although the shellac/spray will coat the canvas, that’s not a lifetime promise and sprinkles are made with sugar.**}

This would also make an awesome birthday card. Just place the sticky letters onto card stock, shake the sprinkles and remove excess. Spray to coat and sprinkle the love!



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1 Comment on Sprinkled With Love

  1. Sarah
    October 8, 2012 at 10:25 am (7 years ago)

    I used this idea, coupled with some others that I have seen, and did a sprinkle-covered silhouette profile of my daughter’s head. It turned out super-cute. I love it for her nursery. I’m also thinking of doing a sprinkle-themed party for her first birthday, and this would be perfect for decorations. Love it!

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