Rainbow Centerpiece

I really really really love keeping fresh flowers in our house. It makes me feel like a grown up. It makes me feel girly. It makes me smile. A lot.

Truthfully, I can be a little lazy about arranging. So I am always on the lookout for quick and easy florals that look spectacular. {And being cost efficient doesn’t hurt either, now does it?}

We all know I have an affinity for colors and rainbows…. And so I created this:

To make your own, you’ll need a few ingredients.

1. Lots of bud vases. I bought 5 from Michaels. My favorite ones are these from Crate and Barrel. They are seriously tiny, adorable and hugely versatile.

2. Food coloring. I prefer the gel, which is easier to control and blend.

3. Flowers. I like white flowers like daisies and mums. Keep in mind if you use carnations they will quickly “absorb” the water and change color. I really love the contrast and pop of the colored water against crisp white flowers.

4. Water

Now create your “rainbow” by adding a few drops of the gel {use a toothpick, its much easier} into the water in each vase. Blend your colors as needed. If the color seems too bold,  just pour out some of the mixture and add more water to lighten. {You could do this in ombre in a single hue and it would be spectacular!!!}

Here’s my kitchen table.

And again on the lazy susan.


See, flowers don’t have to be scary or intimidating.

Happy Labor Day!



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