Mascara for Dummies

Hi guys! Leah from Live Love Lipstick here with my first makeup post for you.

As I mentioned before, mascara is something I absolutely cannot live without.

However, mascara isn’t a “one size fits all” makeup product. Here’s my guide to the best mascara for each and every occasion.

Best dealLoreal Voluminous Million Lashes

After LOTS of testing through the years, this is my favorite drugstore mascara.  It is perfect for those fanned out lashes we all try desperately to achieve. It provides a lot of drama for not very many dollars. Score.

Best Everyday: Buxom Lash

This is a great mascara, which is easy on the wallet. I absolutely love the applicator which doesn’t clump up lashes {huge pet peeve}!  It’s volumizing, yet perfect for a fresh daytime look.

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Best Everyday “Plus Some”Dior Diorshow New Look

I like to think of this as a “wet” mascara.  It’s consistency is a thinner liquid, which really helps to coats the lashes.  It makes a great impact because the applicator helps keeps the lashes separate.  This will give you a daytime look with an edge!

Best Bold look: Mac Haute and Naughty

I tried this out recently and adore that it is really two mascaras in one!  The main applicator is voluminous and thick, which absolutely makes a statement.  However, it does tend to clump my lashes. Fear not!  The inner tube comes to the rescue with very light second coat that separates each lash! This is a bold look, but without tons of drama.

Best Nighttime DramaBenefit They’re Real!

If I had to pick just ONE mascara to purchase {decisions, decisions….} it would have to be this one!   It does everything: lengthens, curls, volumizes, lifts, AND separates lashes!  It’s perfect for when you want your lashes to really stand out. It is worth every penny and offers lots of gorgeous eyelash drama.

Biggest Necessity: Dior Maximizing Lash Plumping Serum & Primer

I’m a BIG advocate of lash primer, and this on particularly takes the cake.  Not only does it condition and nourish your lashes, but it improves the mascara you’ll apply on top. I see a world of a difference when I use it. Your eyelashes will thank you, trust me.

Happy Mascara-ing!



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