Our Living Room with Kids

Living with kids means living with spills. It means living with toys. It means living with gates and magnetic cabinet locks. It means living with slipcovers. It means living with rounded edge tables. It means living in craziness. Beautiful, awesome craziness.

Our living room was a source of angst for me. The paint chip art satiated my love for color  {and hatred of blank walls}. Still, apart from our couches, the room was empty and felt off-balance and awkward. Since it is the first room you step into when entering our home, it needed our mark.

Enter: the Novogratz family rug. A rug I spotted on an episode of Design by Novogratz last season and immediately fell madly in love with. A rug I “stalked” on CB2 for months until it became available. A rug that matched so perfectly with my paint chip wall, it felt beshert.


So this is our living room. And we are actually living in it. And loving in it. And loving it.

{Rug / Peekaboo Coffee Table / Peekaboo Nesting Tables / Paint Chip Wall / White Sofa Slipcovers / Trina Turk Pillow Covers fabric, fabric, fabric and fabric custom made here / hand painted vintage kids table and chairs {this weekend we replaced the chairs in the photo with these mini arm chairs} / Lamp / Louis Ghost Chairs purchased from this vendor}.

All photography by the fabulous Shelley Armenio {who is the best portrait photographer!!!}.

{I think that just about covers everything in the room, but if you have questions about where anything else is from I’m happy to share}.



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