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Cakery Friday: Homemade Graham Crackers

Although there’s something easy about picking up packaged food at the grocery store, I do realize that homemade is always the “better” option. Made from scratch. No preservatives.

Graham crackers are no exception. I found the perfect recipe!

 They are not very difficult and they have a very long shelf life. Although, try making them last long after you smother them with Nutella.

Gather all of the ingredients. (more…)

Prime Time

Hi All!

Leah from Live Love Lipstick here with you again.

If there’s one thing that I believe is essential to your makeup regimen, it’s primer.   You wouldn’t paint a wall without first applying a coat of primer, would you? Well then there’s no reason you should “paint” your face or nails without applying it either.

Here are the five types of primer that I consider a “must.”

Face Primer:

I see a huge difference in my face makeup when I use a good primer.  It sets makeup, and gives anr even finish. (more…)

Sisterly Six

A day earlier than usual, but better early than never, right? We are reunited finally {and it feels so good}. Time to eat {or not eat for one whole day}, drink and be merry. Here are just a few things that we think are pretty cool this week.

Niki {One. Mini aqua ghost chairs. Currently residing in our living room./ Two. This bag is so clutch}.

Ali {Three. Toasting to sisters in Gainesville this weekend at Dragonfly. / Four: You need to read this book. Ahhh-mazing}.

Gavi {Five. Literally candy for your neck./ Six.The cutest 21st birthday gift}.


Niki, Ali + Gavi


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