Organize This.

In my next life I would like to come back as Martha Stewart. Crafting, cooking and extreme organization comes so naturally to her. I might be able to bake a huge cake, but keep my jewelry drawer organized? I wish! Here are a few brilliant organizational ideas I have discovered recently. All of which I will {at least attempt to} implement in my life ASAP.

Keep tabs from bread rolls and use them to designate which plug belongs to which electronic device.

Along the same line as above, use binder clips to organize all of your various plugs.
Frame a pretty piece of paper in a picture frame and use it as a dry erase/white board.
I LOVE THIS. Clever way to transport celery and peanut butter {this would work well with any crudite and dip. Think hummus and carrots, my fav}
Use a hanging shoe rack as a way to keep cleaning supplies organized along the back of a door.
Paint a paper towel holder and repurpose into a bracelet organizer.
Use recycled half-gallon milk containers as pencil holders.

Prevent necklaces from getting tangled by threading a straw through them. Great for travel.
Hope you find these as useful as I do! Any other tips? Send them our way!

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