I Glittered a Mailbox

I glittered a mailbox. Not quite as dramatic as “I carried a watermelon” right? Well it’s true.

You see, in our home we have some “mail” issues. Not marital, but they might become marital soon….

Here’s the issue:

Everyday one of us gets the mail. Then the mail gets sorted {usually at least 3/4 of it is junk}. Next the mail is divided. There’s mail for me. There’s mail for Cole. There’s mail for the kids {sometimes}. Occasionally there’s even mail for Ray. {He loves to eat it}.

My mail comes over to my desk and is subsequently filed {immediately}. Bills are paid. Questions are answered. RSVP’s are sent back in a timely manner. Isn’t that part of being a wife?

Cole’s mail, on the other hand, lingers. It sits on one counter. It moves to another counter. Often it matriculates from one section of the kitchen to another {multiple times}. This makes me insane. To say the least. Once I even just threw it away. Apparently it was something important. Oops.

So I devised this system to ensure that Cole’s mail has its regimented place. And he can remember to take care of it and take it to work in a timely manner.

First I purchased this mailbox.

Then I painted the flat with glue and covered it with red glitter. This obviously made me very happy.

The mailbox sits near the garage door. It is perpetually full of Cole’s mail, but emptied daily. {Insert sigh of relief}.

This is what it looks like. {Oops, free Starbucks coupon in there. I think I’ll need that. Sorry Cole}.






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