Chic Childproofing

When we first moved into our new home, my very generous mother gifted me her beautiful square wood coffee table. I was smitten. It is a large, rugged piece of furniture. It fits perfectly into the niche created by our leather sectional. It’s stunning. And even better, it has rounded edges. For those of you who don’t know, that makes it perfect for kid safety.

I immediately covered it with stacks of fabulous decor books and magazines, a beautiful wooden box, frames showcasing photos of various moments in time, monogrammed glass coasters, and a giant glass vase of flowers. For a few months, it was a happy spot in the center of our living room.

And then R + M went on the move and everything changed. Suddenly, they found pleasure in tearing pages out of books and magazines. A coaster was cracked. Frames were tossed on the floor. I made it to the arrangement of sunflowers just in the nick time. We prepared for a big change.

At first, I emptied the coffee table of everything. But that felt sad. A giant table with nothing on it? Kind of like blank walls. And so, lately I’ve found chic child-friendly items that can sit on the coffee table.

1. Books

Coffee tables are made for books. Unfortunately, kiddos might not understand some books aren’t for their little hands. My solution is to fill my coffee table with unique books that can stand a beating from kids. I love this one and this one. One is a board book that is child-proofed and will teach your kids wonders about color. The other is a pop up book {save it for slightly older kids} that will help with the ABC’s in the most artistic fashion. Both are fabulous gifts!

2. Coasters

As I mentioned before, we had fabulous monogrammed glass coasters. They were one of my favorite wedding gifts. But they are on hold for a little while {probably eighteen years}. And so, I’ve replaced them with paper coasters. These are fun, shiny and happy. I won’t be devastated if they don’t last through eternity.

3. Toys as Decor

I’m not saying you need to put stuffed animals and Sophie the Giraffe out on the coffee table. But still, there are some fabulous and chic wood toys for kids that would make great coffee table decor, as well as great conversation. Try the Playable Art Ball, this, or this. All are great, wooden toys that won’t break the bank and won’t detract from beauty. In fact, all could be considered art on their own!

Move your photos up. Keep the flowers out of reach. But keep in mind that you can mix chic and childproofed all at once!



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