Nine Closet Essentials

Don’t stop reading now. This isn’t a post about what to wear {or what not to wear. That’s a whole other show}. Nope, this is a post about nine things you should keep in your closet at all times.

Lately, I’ve been trying to do little things to make my life easier and more efficient. One of those things is making my closet as organized and simplified as possible. While I was in the midst of a closet clenase, I realized there are some items that are especially wonderful to have nearby. Here are my favorite itms to keep in the closet. It doesn’t matter how big or small of your closet is. I guarantee that having these items nearby will save you lots of energy and keep you looking fab!

{one/ two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight / nine}.

Safety pins are great for quick fixes, nips and tucks. Fashion tape holds everything from bra straps to cuffed pants. A lint roller keeps clothes neat and tidy. Scissors should be easily located to cut tags and loose strings {don’t ruin something new by yanking the tag off with your hands or worse, your teeth!}. Wrinkle remover saves you a trip to the iron/steamer when you’re in a pinch. A great box holds extra buttons, sequins, and other small items that are sold with your garments. {Keep the tag if you are thinking of making a return}. A great hamper protects dirty clothes. {I suggest having a separate one for your dry cleaning}. A laundry pen erases stains quickly. Slim velvet hangers keep everything uniform and slip-free.



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