Healthy Painted Spoons


I’m all about the painted spoon trend. It takes an ordinary kitchen item {wooden spoons} and kicks them up a notch. Obviously I had to put my spin on it.

Instead of just painting your spoons ombre or rainbow, how about painting them to look like healthy fruits + veggies your kids {might} actually eat!  This would make an awesome project for the whole family. {In my case, R + M were great observers.}

  •  Take a pack of wooden spoons and gently sand/scuff them up so the paint will adhere better.
  • Wrap a piece of painter’s tape a few inches from the bottom. Try to line the tape up on each spoon so they are uniform.
  • Paint away to resemble your favorite healthy eats! I chose watermelon, strawberry, carrot, banana, zucchini and eggplant, but the sky is honestly the limit. I used acrylic paint.
  • After the paint dries, spray the spoons with this. {Just spray the painted part, leave the painters tape on. It’s food safe}.
  • Let the spray dry. Then remove the painters tape and… hooray! Wooden spoons that might even encourage your kids to cook with you!



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