A Good, Clean, Fun First Birthday

R + M’s twin friends Jack + Emma turned one a few weeks ago. They had the MOST adorable party to celebrate. Papery & Cakery was responsible for the paper goods + cakes!

It was so much fun working with Jack + Emma’s mommy. She has great taste and threw such a fun and happy party!

Both big and little guests received hand sanitizer as a parting gift. Such a practical favor when you have kiddos!

Guests were also given homemade bug spray to keep the pests away during the partying.

Party-goers signed in with their finger print {or paw}.



The large cake was modeled from the party invitation. The chocolate-chip vanilla chiffon cake was filled with vanilla buttercream and iced in fondant. The smash cakes were equipped with their own bunting with Jack + Emma’s names!


Guests were given mason jars with Martha Stewart chalkboard labels for libations. It was a great way to learn everyone’s name and enjoy the cocktails.

We love making personalized smash cakes!

Jack’s personal “smash” cake.

And honestly, what is cuter than twins covered in icing? Especially when it is Cakery icing!

The best kind of mess…

Happy Birthday Jack & Emma! Thanks for letting papery & cakery be a part of your 1st big day!




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