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Sisterly Six

This week we celebrated the birthday of our favorite brother. We toasted him with dinner at our favorite restaurant and a cakery chocolate chip cake. Yum.

Don’t forget to share your favorite San Francisco & Napa tips with us before we head to the wild wild west….

Here are a few things we really love.


I have chandeliers in my closet. Sounds decadent right? Totally not. They’re made of acrylic and I adore them.

A perfect gift set made with napkins, guest towels and coasters from papery!


This is one cool pup. Note the cell phone in his back pocket.

Currently on my wish list.


Happy birthday Oren! Go Heat!

Mason jar glasses at a restaurant in NYC.


Niki, Ali + Gavi

Papery & Cakery Heads West: A Contest

In a few weeks our entire clan is heading west to Napa and San Francisco. Yup, babies and all.  {I apologize in advance if you are on our flight}.

Since you were all so amazing with advice on our last big trip to Italy/Paris, I thought I would solicit your handy dandy advice yet again.

I know wine country might not seem like its for kids, but the more googling we do, the more excited we are to visit with them.

And then we are off to San Francisco. Cole and I have been before but R + M haven’t, so it will be great to see the city with fresh eyes and babies!

So here’s the dealio.

To enter the contest:

Comment on this post and/or our facebook page and let us know your tip for your favorite places/restaurants/vineyards/activities for Napa and/or San Francisco.

Bonus: if your tip is kid-friendly.

Extra Bonus: if you have tips for flying cross-country with toddlers.

The Winner:

If you provide the winning tip, we will be sending you a special treat from Miette {which we can’t wait to visit}. {photo from Simplesong}.

Thanks always!



Glittered Animal Canvases

Sometimes I create something that makes me really super duper happy. Typically, it involves glitter. This is no exception.

You know those mini rubber figurines that sit in the bins at Michaels? Well one day I brought a few home. Knowing I would just have to glitter them. And so I did. But I needed a way to show you just how awesome glittered mini figurines could be. I needed to preserve them forever. On the wall. Cue the painted canvases. And voila. Art for the ages. Not to mention a great way to teach R + M animal sounds {Nothing like asking kids, “What does a butterfly say?”}. Priceless.

First paint your canvses. I used a variety of little ones of different depths and widths. Like these and these. Acrylic paint will do the trick.

Next it’s time to glitter your animals. This takes time and patience. First paint the part of the figurine that will show with craft glue {no need to waste perfectly good glitter on the back of your little guy}. Once dry, {at least an hour} tap off excess glitter. I like to glitter and tap onto tracing paper. This helps me recycle the glitter into the next layer. Parchment is great too.

Go back with your paint brush to touch up areas you may have missed on the first go round. Check behind the ears, under the hoofs, and on top of any areas that might look sparse. Let dry again completely and tap off excess glitter.

Then spray your animals with hair spray. That should help the glitter hold without losing its luster.

At this point it started to feel a little like Noah’s Ark in my craft room. Except these guys were marching one by one.

Mount your animals onto your canvases using this.

Hang and admire.



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