A Homemade Housewarming

When we first moved into our new casa {almost a year ago!!!}, we received a few lovely gifts. But one in particular stood out in my mind. It was homemade. It was heartwarming. And it was heavenly.

As I opened the gift, I knew it was something special. And I also knew that I would never be able to give a non-homemade housewarming gift again. This was too cool. Too personal.

The gift was from my friend Robin. First she made her infamous mouthwatering bean dip. Next, she packed it up in a mason jar. She placed that jar into a stylish chips + dip bowl. Then she added a bag of Tostitos and wrapped it in cellophane. Voila. The best housewarming gift. Ever.

The dip was gone in under 24 hours. Actually more like 2 hours. Oops. The chips + dip set has been used about 100 times since. It is pure housewarming perfection.

Here’s how to execute it.

1. Make Robin’s Bean Dip


2 cans of Progresso black beans {rinsed}

2 cans of yellow corn drained

1 can of Progresso garbanzo beans

the greens of a bunch of scallions

1 red pepper, diced

bunch of fresh basil

chopped cilantro

1 ripened mango, chopped

Combine and add

1/2 cup olive oil

1/4 cup balsamic vinegar

1/4 cup rice vinegar

salt + pepper to taste

Mix in a giant bowl. Add to mason jar. Let marinate {if you have the patience to let this sit in the refrigerator,

I promise it gets better with age. Furthermore this recipe makes way more than just one mason jar worth so feel free to keep the rest for yourself.}

I wrapped my mason jar with burlap and twine and added a label giving Robin her due credit.

2. Add Tostitos {another food that has total and utter control over me. Do you feel that way?}

3. Place in chip and dip set. I am loving this right now.

4. Wrap in cellophone. Tie with a bow. Give immediately {or fear ripping open the package to eat the drip yourself}.

Say happy housewarming in style. Homemade style.



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