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12 Things for the Car

I’d never go anywhere without these things in my car. {And I’ve been trained by the most organized woman in the world}.

1. Notebook 2. pen 3. towel 4. lip balm 5. sunglasses  6. mints 7. umbrella 8. wallet 9. tissue case 10. scarf 11. reusable grocery bag 12. diaper kit.

1. Notebook + Pen: a must for last minute thoughts on the road {obviously not while driving}.

3. A towel: never know when you’ll be caught in a down pour or just in need to dry off and clean up.

4. Lip Balm: never leave home without it. I keep one in my purse, one in my car, one in my desk, one by the bed, one in the bathroom. You get it.

5. Sunglasses: duh. A spare pair never hurts either.

6. Mints.

7. An umbrella. Preferably a a fashionable one. Never let the weather get in the way of looking chic.

8. Deposit slips. This makes sense for so many reasons.

9. Tissues.

10. A chic scarf. You never when you’ll be chilly.

11. Reusable grocery bag{s}. Do your part.

12. A diaper kit {for mamas}. I keep one of these in every car. Although I almost always have the diaper bag with me when I’m out with R + M, this adds an extra layer of protection. I love this particular one because you can throw in a few diapers, wipes, sanitizer, plastic baggies and a change of clothes; it then unfold to change the babies directly on it. And yes, I have changed them in the trunk before. Much cleaner than public bathrooms. Trust me.

{other suggestions include: car charger, change of clothes for the kiddos, great music, a spare set of contacts}.

What do you keep in your car?



Sisterly Six

This week we are preparing to kick off a summer together. A summer of babies, blogging, baking and paper-ing. Here’s what we love.


Fresh flowers in ombre arranged by moi this week.


If you wait long enough, your dreams will come true and go on sale.


My go-to, always on my neck.

Boozy Baked French toast. Spotted here. Need to make.

 Nothing says summer like a seersucker bikini.

Dainty. chic. Awesome.


Amy Atlas Signed Book Giveaway!

Hooray, hooray! Today is the day! Today is the launch of Amy Atlas’ book Sweet Designs.

Did I mention I’m super duper excited. For so many reasons.

I’m thrilled for Amy, my mentor. I worked with her at the beginning stages of Amy Atlas Designs and had the best time! She taught me so much about crafting, creating, styling and baking. I’m forever grateful for her constant guidance and encouragement.

Second, as a pasty chef, I can’t wait to see all the sweetness that she has lined up in the book!

This book is a DIY-ers dream come true. It is filled with tutorials to help you create beautiful dessert tables. And who better to teach you than the dessert table maven herself! {How pretty does she look here?? Plus she is Mom to two sweet little boys – who are also featured in the book!}

I am buzzing with delight over this Honey, I Love You table. It’s absolute perfection!

I’m so lucky to have had opportunities to work on many dessert tables with Amy. They take lots of time, effort and love to come to fruition. Lucky, Amy gives you step-by-step tutorials to bring these decadent decorations to reality!

You purchase a copy of the book right here.

But we have some good news….

My dear friend Amy has been sweet enough to share a signed copy of her book for one of our readers! Yay!!!!

Here’s how to enter.

1. Like papery & cakery on facebook.

2. Comment on this post with your favorite dessert table theme.

Make sure you enter before Thursday, May 3rd at midnight.

The winner will be chosen at random and contacted on Friday, May 4th.

Good luck to everyone!



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