Earth Day Terrariums

Yesterday was Earth Day. How did you celebrate? I decided to try to embrace my green thumb. {To be honest, I barely have a green pinky, but I still seized the day}.

Step 1: Purchase interesting apothecary jars from Home Goods. You can find something similar here.

Step 2: Layer 1 inch of rocks on the bottom of the jar. This will be the drainage. Add a layer of activated charcoal {you can easily find this charcoal right here or at a pet supply store near the aquarium section} This keeps the terrarium dry. Place layer of preserved moss on top.

Step 3: Fill with potting soil, making sure to save room for the plants.

Step 4: Add potting soil. Make a hole and plant small ferns or mosses. I chose some succulents and cacti as well, although those should usually be in an “open terrarium” as opposed to a closed. Try to keep plants from touching the edge of the glass, as this can cause a mold. Add soil to create an even layer. Decorate with rocks, stones or whatever you’d like.

Step 5: Give a light watering and close the lid {if you haven’t used succulents}. Place in indirect sunlight. If you notice condensation on a closed terrarium, just open it up for a little while. You shouldn’t have to water very often, just keep monitoring and enjoy your little slice of the outdoors.

Enjoy your green thumb!

Happy Earth Day!



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