Chalkboard Lovin’

I’ve been enamored by the concept of chalkboard paint since I heard of its existence. When we moved last summer, I knew I would find a place for it in our home. My love and passion for creativity and art projects {and glitter} makes me want to give R + M the freedom to explore their artistic sides as much as I do.

Alas, we have a giant chalkboard wall in our loft.

{This is what it looked like before we even moved in. I was already smitten!}

I love this wall. Not to mention that I am the only one who is allowed to draw on it right now. {Apparently chalk looks like food to 13 month olds, so we aren’t quite at the age to give them artistic liberties. } Soon I know that wall with be theirs.

In the meantime, I’ve had the best time changing up the designs every few months. I devote wayyyy too much time to this project but thoroughly enjoy each and every second of it.

As for the wall itself, it was done with Krylon chalkboard paint and molding. This makes it look like it is a giant chalkboard mounted onto the wall. Inn fact, it is just paint on the actual wall with molding around. I adore it.

Here’s last months creation.

Yup, you just wipe it clean with water.

And voila! This month’s art! {maybe not my best Heat logo rendition, but hey, it’s for the kiddos}.



p.s. in case you were under the misconception that decor things happen quickly, here’s a quick tutorial of the evolution of our loft.

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