Sisterly Six

We are still missing one sister who is still off on her Hawaiin honeymoon. This week, in her place is our newest “sister-in-law-to-Ali-and-pretty-much-sister-to-us,” Jamie! Hooray for a new sister and the newest Sisterly Six. {Say that really fast 20 times. I dare you}.


A corner of my bathroom. A  peak into my vast array of hotel essentials that I have collected over time and stored in beautiful Pottery Barn apothecary jars. Perfect for stocking a guest room.

R + M are going to look super chic in these neon shades I picked up at Gap. Can’t believe they are about to turn 1!


A Vintage-esque Heat poster of the “Miami Floridains” that I plan to hang in my apartment next year. {Oh, and yes, that’s Lebron peeking out from behind the poster.}

Neon jeans. JCrew. Can’t wait.


I know what I’ll be drinking this summer.

I’m not sure there’s a reason to buy sequin shorts, but these are enough reason for me!


Niki, Gavi + Jamie


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