DVF for Gap

I apologize for the belated timing of this post. DVF for GapKids launched on March 15. It is now over 10 days past the 15th. And here I am telling you to get your @#$ to GapKids and buy everything that remains {or if you are like me, drag your little mouse onto Gap.com and click click click}.

Why deprive your infant/toddler/adolescent of outfits like this:

or this:

or this:

Or these:

Ooh and a great tip… even if it’s sold out in the size you want considering buying bigger. Let’s be honest, when is DVF going out of style? For kids?

Last summer, Calypso for Target debuted right after R + M’s¬†arrival. I loved this dress so much I bought it immediately in size 3 mos. Later, when it went on sale I bought a 6 month, 9 month, 12 month and 18 month version of… the same dress. Obsessive? Yes. But I promise R has worn it in every size and I never have to be sad she’s outgrown it. {And while I might seem like a lunatic its ombre and turquoise and I wish it came in my size too. I would totally be one of those moms if it did}. I digress…

Don’t forget to think ahead. Buy bigger. Here’s something I’ve learned from being a mom the last year plus: kids grow. I know, I know. Shocking news.

Happy shopping! Happy DVF!



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