DIY Glitter Votives

Niki is the self-proclaimed queen of glitter, so when she turned the big 3-0 we knew glitter would be involved. We hosted a dinner party at a restaurant in Delray Beach and opted to bring our own centerpieces. My oh-so-helpful friend RoseAnn came up with the concept.

What you need {plus glass votives}:

Carefully tape a line around halfway down the glass rim, try to make the line as even as possible.

Place a thin layer of glue {or in my case envelope sealer  I “stole” from Papery} around the outer edge of the glass votive. Dip the glass into a bowl of glitter. {Niki is partial to the Martha Stewart brand, so that is what we used. It really is super fine and extra sparkly!}

Allow to fully dry. Remove the tape and voila! Perfectly glittered votives!

Fill with a candle, seated next to hydrangeas that were spray painted with red paint and then again with glitter spray! The perfect centerpiece of the queen of glitter!



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