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Happy Anniversary

It’s been four years since I married my best friend. {Wow, I am a wealth of cheesy cliches today, huh}.

Coming off of A + A’s big wedding weekend it’s hard to imagine celebrating much more. Still, we are going to partake in our annual tradition and have dinner back at the hotel where we were married. This year I’ll keep my fingers crossed that there are no broken legs {like 2010}, and that I will be able to enjoy a few glasses of bubbly {unlike when I was massively pregnant in 2011}.

When I wrote about tradition last year, I had hoped to create a few new ones with R + M {or Thing A and Thing B as I referred to them at the time}. I’m so glad that we have done just that. So far our “family traditions” include Sunday morning walks around the neighborhood with Ray {sometimes all the way to Starbucks}, weekends of basketball/football watching on the couch in Heat/Ravens gear and a hopefully annual trip to Key West {first “annual” coming up shortly}. We have stuck with our stone crab/”When Harry Met Sally” Valentines Day, and  I’m hoping to catch some late night Serendipity in the cold in NYC next winter.

Happy traditions and happy anniversary Cole.



p.s. The photo is of Barbie + Ken after a long night.  They were an engagement gift from my sisters many years ago. Looking at them makes me smile.

Sisterly Six

One sister is currently laying on a beach in Maui {while reading this probably}. Another is taking exams. And so, alas, the entire sisterly six has been left up to little old me. Here goes.


A teaser of Ali’s wedding shots {via the ever talented Sharon Eliasi}.

Cocktail napkins from the rehearsal. I had way too much fun brainstorming the facts. Printed via papery & cakery.

Bridesmaid dresses hanging on custom hangers.

Wedding programs wrapped with ombre hanah silk ribbons. A labor of love.

A dramatic view of kite surfers from the room where we were getting ready.

It takes a lot of make up to make us look pretty.


Niki {and Ali + Gavi in spirit}


Organizing like Martha

I know I know. I love Martha. And I have a thing for order and neatness. Last week I spotted the new Martha line for Staples and felt my heart skip a beat. This is how I know I am aging. I was thrilled over cool labels, tags, binders and pens.

I am going immediately to Staples to fulfill my Martha dreams in aqua.



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