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The Nailasaurus

I have nail envy. I always stare in awe at other peoples perfectly manicured fingers. Then again, I’m also a pastry chef and spend the majority of my time with my hands in water. Either way, The Nailasaurus has the most ridiculous {and awesome} and somewhat over the top nail ideas. You must check out her blog.


My fav…

While I’m not sure I could actually brave any of these styles, they are pretty to look at.






Sisterly Six

It’s been a week of tough football games, a juice cleanse and a tasting for a very big and very exciting upcoming wedding! Here’s what we love this week.


I don’t have a whole lot of time for journaling and scrapbooking these days. Instead of writing down every  single moment in R  + M’s daily life in great detail, I do a quick jot a few times a week in this journal. It allows for a daily update for five years {I hardly go daily}. I scribble a few notes down and always capture the big things {teeth, crawling, talking, eating, etc.}. It’s helping ease some of the “I’m not Super-Mom” guilt.

I’ve been trying to make some of my own cleaning supplies. Found a recipe to make brush cleaner and tested it out. Love it. Especially the addition of baby shampoo which makes me melt. R + M use this and I’m in love.


My favorite watch. A gift from my sisters last year.

A birthday cake made for our cousin Mattox who now “rocks 5.” Made by papery & cakery.


Brand new order of my favorite lotion. Even loving the box it came in.

Standardized my hangers and now love my closet. Niki finally listened too.


Niki, Ali + Gavi

Organize Like a Pro

Seems like everyone has gotten into the organizing spirit. Ok maybe its just me, but project Rubin-clean-house-2012 is underway and going even better than I could have hoped. Maybe it is due to my crazed rearrangement of the pantry last night {after a very sad football loss}. So far I have accomplished: pantry, craft room {sort of}, babies closet {a masterpiece} and our bar area. Still to come on the horizon are: the kitchen {my soon-to-be masterpiece that will surely take a week of my time}, my closet {after a major purge last night which felt great, I’m on my way to closet heaven}, and most importantly, my desk area in the kitchen, where pretty much everything happens.

I thought I’d share a few tips and tricks and great products on this quest to total and utter organizational bliss.

1. For the Pantry:

The plan is to put a lot of products {think cereal, pasta, rice, flour, sugar, nuts and other small snacks} into these OXO bins. I worship the ground OXO walks on and I know these pop bins will preserve everything and let me know when I’m running low on something.

2. For the Closet:

I recently purchased these black velvet hanger {after constant nudging from Gavi, the queen of clean}. I am sorry I waited so long. Having all of my clothes on the same hangers really helps to make the closet look neat and tidy. Plus these hangers are non slip so I never have to worry about things falling down. I only regret that I waited so long!

3. For the Kids Room:

I have blogged about these before, but I absolutely LOVE the 3 Sprouts canvas storage bins! They are absolutely adorable and they are also huge and hold tons of toys, puzzles, games and blocks. I literally have almost all of them {I have an addiction} on the floor of R + M’s playroom. While the room looks like a tornado has come through during the day, at night I pile everything into my bins and the room is neat, tidy and also kid chic!

4. For the Craft Room:

Gotta go with my guru and goddess Martha for this recommendation. Since I would love for my drawers to look like hers, I am investing in this customizable divider from Lifestyle Systems. It allows you to divide your drawers as needed. I am planning to line my drawers with wallpaper or gift wrap to give a fun pop underneath. Obviously I have the glitter to fill them!

Happy organizing!



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