Up-cycling Gift Wrap

So maybe you ignored yesterday’s post, went out to your favorite paper store {achem} and purchased a giant roll of gorgeous gift wrap. Come January you realize you don’t have very much use for it until next season, right? Au contrair! Here are a few ways to “up-cycle” gift wrap.

One: frame it and call it art. It is, trust me.


Because some gift wrap is pretty enough to be on the walls.

Like this, for example. {by eieio which makes awesome paper}.

Or this, which would look phenomenal in our crayon playroom. {by whimsy press which also makes awesome paper}.

Two: Use it as place mats and table runners.

So easy. Use a ruler. Cut pieces. Voila.

Three: line away.

Line your drawers. Or better yet, your cabinets.

Or even your envelopes.

Ooh, and keep mind mind that most gift wrap that has already been used can actually be ironed back into shape and re-wrapped to be reopened.

Happy upcycling!



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