Three Gift Wrap Ideas

Honestly, sometimes it’s more fun to open a beautifully wrapped gift, than to have the gift itself. If you’re looking for creative ways to jazz up your gift giving, look no further.

One: Use interesting objects you already have in your house.

Like Martha’s use of cupcake wrappers. Or use coffee filters. Shred, fringe, paint and voila!

Or bow tie pasta as a bow. Genius!

Even popping a fresh flower on top is stunning!

Two: wrap a gift in a gift.

Like this shirt.

Or this wine wrapped in a dishtowel. The wrapping “paper” can be the gift too.

This one’s for the pooch.

Three: Don’t put it in the traditional box.

Think outside of the box.

Paint cans.

Mason jars.

Cookie jars.

Hope this helps inspire your wrapping this season!





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