Sisterly Six

As you read this we are far far away. Where you aren’t {we promise}. Eating s’mores. Or nachos. Or Barefoot Contessa’s macaroni and cheese. Or chocolate chip cookies. You get the point. We are stuffing out faces. Here’s what we love the last week of 2011. Thanks for tuning in this year. We love having you as our readers and hope this has inspired you to: a. shop, b. love your sisters/or sister-like family/friends or c. discover things you love. {Did we mention this week will be six of our favorite gifts that were received….} Here goes.


Hello new fellow in our kitchen. We are reliving the 80’s in style every time we strike a match… and a pose.

Hello little fellow who is currently residing in R + M’s nursery, bringing light to the darkness.


Hello new pillow on our bed. I heart you.

Hello Momofuku Milk Bar cookbook. Excited to recipe test in 2012.


Hola new pair of Ray Bans. Now I can avoid paparazzi in style.

Hi lululemon zip up. I don’t even need to be working out to wear you in style.

Hope you enjoyed our first year of Sisterly Six. Happy 2012 to all!


Niki, Ali + Gavi


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