Leftover Halloween Candy

What is that you say? You have leftover Halloween candy? What an atrocity!

Twenty years ago the thought of leftover candy would have sent shivers down my spine. I would hoard my trick-or-treating valuables and hide them from my parents, who would only let us have 1-2 pieces a day {yes, I was clearly deprived}.

Today the thought of the leftover candy in my house is making me shudder and shake for other reasons. The sheer fact is that I cannot be trusted with that kind of caloric heaven in my house. I have zero willpower. Honestly.

And so, I searched and searched for what to do with my leftover candy.

I could bake it into a giant cookie. I could mix it into some vanilla ice cream {note: I am relatively certain my good friends Ben and Jerry did just that with their new flavor “Everything but the…” which I became well acquainted with on Saturday night circa midnight. Oops}.

Luckily, Real Simple came up with tons of idea of how to take high-calorie, high-fat, high-sugared candy, and somehow make it even higher-calorie, higher-fat and higher-sugared desserts. Genius, I tell you.

twix cheesecake

Hello, Twix Cheesecake Pie. Come to mama.



Or maybe I will have some mini peppermint patty brownies. Um, perhaps I feel more like a snickers dulce de leche terrine.


Oh, fine. I’ll be “healthy” and have some candy corn pretzel bark.


And I’ll be sure to wash it down with a sweet tart milk shake.

{Admission: I am likely taking my candy to work with me to appear as a “giving” person, while selfishly celebrating that someone else can fight with their own temptations.} But still. These recipes rock right?



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