Glamorous Glitter Glory

Confession: today I went to Michael’s to wander around aimlessly and pretend {for 20 seconds} that I didn’t have tons of responsibilities waiting for me at home. Is that terrible?

First, let’s discuss Michaels. Have you been? Am I the only person who thinks it is the most hilariously depressing place on the planet. Most of my experiences there {including today’s} should pretty much be scripted, produced and shot into a Saturday Night Live skit. They are that ridiculous, I swear. Today I asked where the glue guns were and the sales lady stared at me like I had 3 heads. Really people, glue guns? Sadly, I live for Michaels because a. it’s pretty much around the corner, and b. there are no other art supplies stores in the vicinity. So alas, to Michaels I went.

Second, Michaels seems to have become Martha Stewart heaven. I think this is the only part of the entire experience that makes Michaels somewhat bearable. I literally went into 2 entirely Martha aisles. It was like taking an alcoholic into a bar. I could not stop myself from wanting everything. But one particular product seems to be the Martha trend right now, and I’m ready to hop on the bandwagon: GLITTER.

Screen shot 2011-07-31 at 11.10.41 PM

Oh Martha has so much glitter you can’t believe it. There’s sparkly glitter in nearly 50 colors. Tinsel glitter. Glitter glue. Chunky glitter. Metallic microbead glitter. A glittering tray. And adhesives and glues for glittering that come in millions {ok maybe that is an exaggeration} of tip sizes, widths and designs. It is literally glitter heaven. It made me drool.

And I hate glitter. I mean I love to hate it. When I was the arts and crafts director for a summer at camp {cue Timber Ridge friends laughing at me} glitter was my nemesis. I think I spent eight straight weeks with a piece of glitter somewhere on my face. Glitter multiplies. It’s nearly impossible to clean. And yet somehow we {as a society} have decided that it is a perfect medium for small kids to play with.

Ok, enough of my rant. I’m a total hypocrite but I’m going back to glitter. Yes people. I am going to undertake a Martha project. Here {on her fabulous website} I found a template for how to make your own glitter painting {using the hundreds of glitter accoutrements that Martha purveys at that fine establishment called Michaels}. The plan is to do one of this photo of R and M {which we will talk more about tomorrow}. This is what happens when you add it to Martha’s “glitter photo uploader” {yes this does exist and no it is not already a Saturday Night Live routine}. They even tell you what colors you’ll need {and now that I own the glitter mega-set due to the inability to just browse without incessantly buying things, I’m ready to go!}.

Screen shot 2011-07-31 at 11.22.09 PM

Screen shot 2011-07-31 at 11.22.17 PM

Wish me luck and may the glitter be with you.



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