Fireworks on the Fourth?


I’m entering the best week ever. Moving week! We were promised that the new house would be move-in ready just in time for hot dogs and fireworks on the Fourth of July {or in my case, fake meat veggie dogs}. It seems that all has gone according to plan {fingers crossed}. Painting, check. Flooring, check. Cleansing {and some sage burning} tomorrow, check. Current house mostly packed, check. Movers coming, Wednesday. Me, feeling like I am forgetting to do a million things, check {duh}.

Yes, this is thrilled and exciting and our first “real house”. Strangely enough, I mostly feel as if I am playing house.

Unfortunately, I am positive that the stresses of moving will cause me to complain {endlessly}, freak out, and turn a few {please just a few} more hairs grey.  It is very highly likely that I will have a crying breakdown by the end of this week. I am sorry Cole. I am pre-warning you.

Still, the thought of being about to watch some fireworks on the Fourth in our new house with R + M is giving me butterflies. I literally cannot wait.

Here’s to a fun-filled, fabulous, festive and fireworks week!



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