Plating the Walls

When Cole and I first moved into our current home, I was overwhelmed with decorating. Fast-forward four years, when the thought of decorating a new house is thrilling and yet utterly terrifying to me! One thing that I have always tried to utilize in my “design savvy” {note: I probably have no design savvy but it sounds super professional to call it this}, is the concept of making the ordinary extraordinary. Ok, that might sound a little more complicated than it is. It’s basically taking everyday objects and using them in a unique manner.

Case in point: I have tons of dishes. My grandmother was in the antique business, and I am blessed to have a few stunning china sets from her. On top of that, I just may have “over-registered” for our wedding {oops, sorry Cole}, and ended up with a little more than I actually needed. {Note: this is a giant understatement. I did not need 5 sets of dessert dishes}. The result is a townhouse filled with more china than I could ever possibly need {especially considering the amount of time I order take out and eat it straight out of the container… sorry mom… oh and speaking of mom…}.

My brilliant, and truly design savvy mother suggested that I use my china surplus in a more unconventional manner: on the wall. And so, that is how a set of antique dessert china from my Nana, as well as a stunning set of “L-O-V-E” dessert plates ended up on the walls of my butler’s pantry and powder room, respectively.



{Note: I hate posting photos of my home on the blog, almost as much as photos of myself}.

And so friends {because, let’s be honest, f you are reading this you are probably my actual friend or a blood relative}, I am planning to take my “plating the walls” concept to a new scale in the new house. Thankfully, I have all of these images to lust after in the meantime.


{via sunset}


{via oh so darling}


{via livet hemma}


{via modern jane}


{via hudson goods}


{via mmm crafts}

Hope you enjoy plating your walls… and making the ordinary extraordinary {because that just sounds like I know what I am talking about}.



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1 Comment on Plating the Walls

  1. Aly
    May 31, 2011 at 1:14 pm (7 years ago)

    Thank you for the inspiration! I just received a beautiful wedgewood platter from my husband’s grandmother and was thinking of what to do with it, as it is to pretty to sit in the cabinet. I love the bright and bold collection from sunset. And also know that you have at least one reader who you do not know…me!

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