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even more Mason Jar love

Obviously my obsession with mason jars is far more extensive than originally believed. When I found these mason jar’s filled with sweet treats on etsy, I got so inspired I pulled out my mason jars out and start experimenting! These treats, made by All Jarred Up! are “scrumptious handmade treats in a jar. Each jarred treat is freshly prepared, sealed, and decorated making it the ideal goodie for presents, party favors, thank yous, or just an afternoon snack for you and your family.”

Picture 8

Picture 9

Picture 10

Picture 11

With flavors like Very, Very Berry and How Do You Like Them Apples, choosing just one would be impossible!

Picture 12

Picture 13

I’m pretty sure this is inspiring me to bake an upcoming Cakery Friday recipe in a jar. Maybe Papery can even help me create a rocking label to “seal the deal.”

Happy Mason Jars!



Martha’s Kitchen Tips: Part I

Most of you know by now that I swear by Martha Stewart. In fact, I spent a huge portion of this weekend getting rid of every mark and scuff on our stairs, walls, doors and floorboards with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser–all thanks to a tip I read in an issue of Living. {Honestly people, this is the best tip ever–our stairs were filthy and I have had repainting them on my list for months, but this tool is insanely amazing!}

This month’s magazine features some of Martha’s favorite kitchen design tips and I wanted to share a few of my faves. Of course, my kitchen utilizes almost none of them right now, but these are in my design files for the future…


Martha uses lots of pen shelving instead of pantries–built specifically for the items going into it. It makes things accessible and open. Martha also suggests leaving machines that get a lot of traffic/use like a cappuccino maker, out on the counter. Everything needed to make coffee is right above the machine.


She swears by having lots of islands for storage and cooking space. One is permanent and one is on wheels. More space to prep, as well as a second seating option for guests. Notice the dish towels readily available in lots of locations.


Hanging pots and pans creates kitchen art as well as massive amounts of space saving {although not quite sure where she is storing the lids?}


Martha puts fruits, vegetables and even fresh eggs out of display on the countertop. She keeps a very large cutting board out on the counter most of the time {and secures it from moving by putting a damp, warm towel underneath it}.


Because of the beauty of the glassware, Martha places it in an apothecary style shelving unit, to display it. {My biggest concern would be to keep it near the dishwasher so it can be easily transported back after its clean}


Martha is seriously drawer-storage happy! Here she shows off cake and cookie decorating supplies, neatly organized in a drawer.

Stay tuned for more ideas on Thursday!

Cherry Party!

I’m just dying over this cherry birthday party I found on Steph Modo the other day. It was all inspired by the adorable cherry lollipops {which I believe you could easily recreate by attaching 2 red lollipops together with clear packing tape}. The baker’s twine really sets it over the edge of cuteness!






Tres chic and cherry-licious!



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