Mothers Day: A Graphic Brunch




Cole, Ray and I hosted a {now annual} Mother’s Day brunch Sunday morning. We served the usual: bagels, smoked salmon, cheesy grits {I love you eternally for this recipe, Jessica}, coffee cake and scrambled eggs {did I mention I’m still full?}. We also decided to spice up the drink department with iced mochas. {Ok so maybe I’m not the best coffee chef and I may or may not have bought a few venti iced mochas from Starbucks, poured them into a glass pitcher and served them as if they were my creations….}

For the invitations {above}, I decided to go for a very handmade feel. I used a thick yellow file folder and cut out the envelope pattern {I bought this handy-dandy envelope template as well as an envelope liner kit from paper-source last year}. I’ve had a thing for yellow and stripes forever. Since my mother and mother-in-law are both butterfly lovers, I thought it would be the perfect combination. Butterflies and stripes! I designed the invitation, liner, and address labels myself and voila–popped the creation into the mail!


Most of the decor {at least my favorite parts} came from Home Goods. I think I could live in that store. That’s where I purchased the yellow and white napkins {which are actually small dish towels}, in which I wrapped the silverware and banded it with a printed striped “napkin ring.”



I also found these black laquer frames from Home Goods. They’re rock star awesome. I have no idea what I am going to put in them now, but I’m excited to find a new home for them in our living room!


One of the best treasures I discovered at Home Goods is these black graphic laser cut place mats. I used one on the “mocha” bar. Three of them served as a “table runner” on the main table. Best of all… they were $3.99 for the set of four!




This bright yellow ceramic vase was another Home Goods steal. It’s banded with a black and white striped paper {via my printer}.


This glass vase is Home Goods too. It’s white glass with black stripes around it. I’m pretty obsessed with the yellow roses. I think they just might be favorite roses of all.




The black “place mats” are just black wrapping paper from Target, cut out and placed on the white table. The yellow cups were right up front at Publix. It was fate!





After a long morning of cooking, cleaning and begging for bagels, Ray needed to relax around {well, actually in} the coffee table.

Hope your Mother’s Day was fantastic too!



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