Brand. New. Awesome. Website!

whether you’re reading this post via feedburner, feed smith, google reader, facebook or twitter {or the hundreds of other ways it’s now possible to disseminate a blog} be sure that you’ve clicked ¬†over to the brand spankin’ new papery and cakery website! we are so proud of our new web-baby and all of its new awesome features. check out our rockin’ stationery guide for information on timing, printing methods and post office questions. browse through all of the awesome new photos of the studio and of our invites and papers. marvel over our press coverage from the past few years. ogle and drool over cakery’s photos {and adorable bio pic}. click on over to our e-store and shop for fabulous stationery, cards, notepads and napkins!

our absolute fave is that the blog is now integrated into the site! that means every time you are on the site the opening page will alert you to the latest blog. plus, you can just click the “blog” tab and voila-you’re on the blog!

hope you enjoy all of the new features and upgrades. what’s your favorite part of the site?


niki & ali

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