Hoops to it, Oops… Hop to It!

With all of the basketball I have recently been watching, could forget Easter is almost here! I have compiled a few of my favorite Easter dessert ideas. Inspires me to hop onto a baking-spree! So when NCAA brackets have concluded, stop Hooping and start Hopping!
I love everything Bakerella makes, especially these bunny cake pops!
Sprinkles cupcakes is offering an Easter HOP box, featuring dark chocolate, red velvet, brown sugar praline and carrot cake cupcakes. This would make an ideal ending {or gift} for any Easter feast!
Ok, so maybe it’s not a dessert, but these metallic eggs are amazing! They would be wonderful as a table centerpiece!
Marshmallow bunnies from Martha Stewart are super cute!
These cheesecake pops from Canelle et Vanille look fantastic, and presenting them in wheatgrass is so simple and pretty.
Another masterpiece from Cannelle et Vanille {I have a minor crush, can you tell?}! The rhubarb and strawberry tarts look delicious… especially because you will be greeted with a mascarpone orange cream when you bite into them… yum!
How mouth-watering do these vanilla custard served in eggshells appear? Might be a little time consuming to make, but the “wow factor” is worth it!
Aren’t these nesting baby blue-bird cupcakes via marthastewart.com just so adorable?
Happy Almost Easter! Check back Friday for an Easter cakey Cakery confection!

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1 Comment on Hoops to it, Oops… Hop to It!

  1. Lindsey
    March 31, 2010 at 12:44 am (8 years ago)

    Loving the metallic eggs and everything else looks so adorable and yummy!!

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