CoolHause: Ice Cream Sandwiches

This past weekend I was lucky enough to attend Mindy Weiss’s The Most Ridiculous Wedding Event Ever in Los Angeles with Amy Atlas of Amy Atlas Events. There were tons of fantastic vendors but this party concept really struck me as amazing: create your own ice cream cookie from Cool Haus Ice Cream Sandwiches!

First, you pick your favorite cookie(s). Their choices include mouth-watering cookies like chocolate, chocolate chip, ginger, oatmeal and brioche! Next add your favorite ice cream flavor and voila! You’re left with an ice cream cookie sandwich, made just for you. PLUS CoolHaus provides edible wrappers, which can be designed with your custom logo or monogram. This way, everyone can eat every last bite of the ice cream sandwich without making a mess!

I love this concept for any type of celebration! They will even create a custom ice cream flavor if they don’t already offer your favorite flavor!

Cool Haus can either set up a table at your event, or bring their “tricked out” truck, where guests can place orders from the window.


Happy Ice Cream Cookie Eating!



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