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Delicious Papers

I’m not exactly sure what’s going on these days, but lately many of papery & cakery’s invitations are reminding me of my favorite delectable desserts.

At first I noticed that Elum’s pink & orange letterpress invite really seems to put me in the mood for jelly beans. Mia Carta’s rich chocolate colored engraved invitation looks suspiciously like a box of chocolate truffles. Egg Press’ love design reminds me of cocoa powder sprinkled on top of tiramisu. Page’s whimsical pink and red pinwheels are strikingly like mini peppermint candies. Luscious Verde’s (low calories) cupcake correspondence (the most obvious of the bunch) depicts the perfect pink cupcake with sprinkles.
Bon Appetit!

Go Green Team!

No, this post is not about color war (although I wouldn’t mind being back at camp right about now!). Today is Earth Day! To celebrate “going green” I thought I’d fill you in on some of papery & cakery’s commitments to the environment. We pride ourselves on our commitment to “go green.” We print custom designs on recycled paper with soy based inks.

Furthermore, the majority of the lines that we carry also value the same commitment.
Luscious Verde (besides having “green” in the name!!!) says, “Reuse is a term we use daily by shipping boxes of scrap paper to schools and programs both locally and nationally. We also use our excess paper and create amazing thank you notes and smaller gifts to liven up our UPS boxes.”

Smock paper prints their letterpress designs on bamboo paper stock, “Why bamboo? Bamboo is a truly sustainable and renewable resource. It’s the fastest growing plant on this planet; it grows without pesticides or fertilizers; and it requires very little water to grow.”

Julie Holcomb Printers states, “REDUCE, REUSE, and RECYCLE—this is our environmental policy: to use as little as possible, reuse as much as possible, and recycle the rest. We make every effort to conserve water, energy, and materials. “

Wiley Valentine is proud to proclaim, “An ancient Native American proverb states that “we do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.” In response, we have embarked on our journey to become a 100% sustainable paper company. To date, all paper that Wiley Valentine prints is either 100% recycled PSC or 100% cotton, a natural, renewable resource (no trees . . . yay!!), and we maintain our environmental standards for everything we create.”

Elum Desings uses “tree-free, 100% post-industrial waste cotton rag papers and soy based inks for our every-day stationery and custom invitation lines. “

Page utilizes “photopolymer plates to print on a wide variety of papers that come from environmentally conscious paper mills.”

Delphine buys “envelopes and paper from a mills that use 100% clean, renewable hydroelectric energy or other certified renewable energy sources; we replace burned out light bulbs with energy efficient bulbs; we print on both sides of copy paper; we recycle.”
Oblation is impressive with its commitment. “The task of recycling has always seemed attractive to us, particularly when we discovered many years ago that we could actually take unwanted paper products, convert them back into pulp, and then make it into fresh new paper. We built much of our own equipment out of found objects.”
Studio Olivine uses an amazing “green” treatment to produce their one-of-a-kind textured papers “We came up with the idea of using scraps of fabric, which are beaten down in a [wind-powered] large beater filled with water. Eventually the fibers break down and infuse the water, and the paper is dyed using vegetable dyes. Large screens are pulled through the watery pulp, and the sheets dry outdoors on a line for a couple of days.”
I am so proud and honored to carry these incredibly eco-chic companies.
Happy earth day!

Going Postal

May 11th is quickly approaching. That’s the big day that first class stamps rise to 44 cents. Planning to send invitations right now can be tricky business. You may be able to get the invites out before the price increase, but remember that guests will be sending back response cards for the next month or more, and you want to make sure that their envelopes have enough postage to make the trip through the mail back to you safe and sound!
I’ve always been a stamp lover. One creative idea that I saw years ago in Martha Stewart Weddings is to use vintage stamps. Since vintage stamps will be considerably less postage than necessary it will take lots of these beautiful stamps to equal the right value. Be sure to take your entire invitation package (invitation, envelope, response card & envelope and any other additional pieces that will be mailed such as reception cards, travel cards, transportation card, maps, etc.) to the post office to be weighed and determine the exact postage amount. Keep in mind that there are lots of factors besides weight that determine how much your invitation will cost to mail. Square envelopes along with odd shaped envelopes and envelopes containing rigid objects can effect the postage price. Vintage stamps can be found on eBay. The look of vintage stamps is incredibly chic and detail oriented. An envelope with tons of vintage stamps would definitely stand out in the mail.
Another one of my favorite postage ideas is custom stamps. I am a huge fan of zazzle.com where you can create your own custom postage in many different shapes, sizes and prices (they just updated the site to reflect the postage increase). Custom postage can be useful for so many different mailings. Put your event date in your colors & font, a great photo to tell guests to “save the date,” an image, icon or monogram that you carry throughout your event, or a photo of your newborn baby on birth announcements. This year we put a picture of our dog Ray on the outside of our holiday cards. We mailed our thank you notes with a photo of us from the wedding. Papery & Cakery marketing materials had our logo on the stamps. Custom postage is a fabulous detail and added touch to spruce up your envelopes. It’s not just something special to save for an event. I love it for announcements, thank you notes, holiday cards, birthday cards, and even on a letter to just say hello! Be sure to contact p&c; if you need help creating a custom image just for you!
Last but not least is a good ‘ole (non-vintage) stamp from the post office. There are lots of different options available right now. I suggest to try to match the stamp to the look and feel of the event and the invitation — though color, design or the actual image. For a destination beach wedding, check out the beautiful St. John beach stamp. For a wedding in the mountains, there’s a gorgeous image of the Great Smoky Mountains or Yosemite. Or mix and match colors and styles that go together to add up to the proper postage. There’s always the traditional love stamps in beige and sage green, depending on the postage amount. The newly revealed wedding stamps include an image of 2 gold wedding bands, a white fondant wedding cake, and the king and queen of hearts. They will be available for purchase on May 1st. Instead of waiting in long lines at the post office (which often doesn’t even have the exact stamp you’re looking for), usps.com allows you to order your stamps online and only charges $1 for shipping and handling.
Happy mailing!

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