Happy February Birthdays

It’s been quite awhile since my last entry. Things have been amazing at Papery & Cakery. I’ve had the opportunity to use my graphic design skills and work on some incredible birthday invitations. I thought I’d do a birthday post to show some of the custom work that is available at Papery!

The birthday balloon custom design for Congregation B’nai Israel’s 25th Birthday Bash Auction features bright and bold pastels and primaries to wish CBI the ultimate happy birthday. This invite was a particular labor of love. I hope that the event itself is just as exciting and happy as this invitation is!

Isabella’s 4th birthday invite was another custom design. It featured a Cinderella lavish pumpkin carriage and came attached to a proclamation from the Queen Mum. Ellen’s 50th invite features red lips and an unmistakable kiss. The party is given with love by the fabulous Melanie!
My own birthday was last week. The picture is of a lunch celebration with my cousin Hallie & grandma at Seredipity 3. Who doesn’t love frozen hot chocolate?!
Happy February Birthdays! Enjoy all of P&C;’s custom designs!

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