Ringing in 2009!

This weekend I went to dinner with Ali & Gavi, my sisters, and our friend Leah. Leah is going to be a bridesmaid in a fabulous wedding this summer. She told us the cutest story about how the bride, Pam, asked her to be in the wedding party….

Pam mailed Leah an adorable package with a note saying “He popped the question, now its my turn.” When the card slid open, it read ” Will you be my bridesmaid?” The package also came with a ring box with a ring pop inside. I love this idea! What a great way to incorporate the ring into other parts of the wedding (and eat candy!).

letterpress save the date has a ring embellished with a crystal for even more bling. It’s perfect for bringing the ring motif into stationery & paper goods. The ring idea can go beyond to other parts of the wedding. Tiffany blue colors harken back to the box that the ring came in. Tiffany cakes & desserts are also another way to incorporate the ring. Giant ring boxes make adorable centerpieces for an engagement party or shower. The candy ring pop idea is a brilliant way “propose” to bridesmaids. I’d love to hear about other creative suggestions to invite your bridesmaids to share the big day with you. Thanks to Leah for sharing!



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