November 2008 archive

The Studio….

I hope when you come and visit us at Papery & Cakery that you feel like you’re at home inside our studio. From the cozy coffee table, and upholstered display boards, to the fabulous armoire that is home to our custom books, the studio is designed with your total comfort in mind.

Take a look at some of the fabulous photos recently taken of Papery & Cakery (brought to you by the incredible Luna Productions).
Thanksgiving is in just a few days and that means mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie and time to start thinking about holiday papers… from photo cards to soiree invites! We have an incredible selection from Wiley Valentine, Pica Press, Haute Ltd., Luscious Verde & Page just to name a few of our chic designers. Make your appointment today to ensure that your friends and family can look forward to opening something spectacular in their holiday mail!
Happy Turkey Day!

In the beginning…

Welcome to the launch of the papery & cakery blog!

Every since we were little my sister, Ali & I were inspired to create.  From finger painting to oil painting portraits, from peanut butter cookies (with only 3 ingredients!) to elaborate fondant cakes, we’ve always loved to utilize the artistic side of our personalities.   Papery & Cakery is the culmination of all of this creativity!
For the time being it’s a fabulous and chic papery, but the cakery part is “baking” in our oven.
Sometimes the path to figuring out what you want to become “when you grow up” is neither smooth nor easy to discern.  My own personal path has taken me through undergrad, law school and a career as an attorney in order to realize my passion for all things paper.  Today, I’m lucky enough to be able to do something that I love! I am blessed to be able work with wonderful people and create beautiful invitations, stationery & announcements to celebrate the most joyful events and celebrations in life.

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